Monday, April 3, 2017

BOOK I - Farore's Wind - UpB Turnaround


Up-B Turnaround

Another bad situation for inexperienced Zeldas to find themselves in is facing away from ledge directly below ledge. A straight up Farore's is death due to facing the wrong way, and any other direction buries you in the stage or the abyss. However, it is possible to B turnaround Farore's during the aiming window with extremely light control stick movement towards stage; between 5-15% of a full input towards stage. The amount required is what would put the stick out of dead zone, but not quite into tilt territory If you teleport into stage and die, you tilted too far.

I've used controllers where the control stick was loose enough that I could Farore's turnaround just by bringing the stick to it's outer range of neutral stick wiggle. This is a phenomenal tool for edgeguarding low and close as you have a safe way back to stage that most players are not aware of.
The light blue bars in this stick chart indicate where a Farore's turnaround is possible.

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