Sunday, July 16, 2017


Uair has a ridiculous little thing that it does during the autocancel window where it pulls your feet (the bottom of your ECB) up then drops them within the first few frames. This can be used to quickly put yourself into 4-frame landing while not quite all the way up through a platform, shaving a ton of frames off of getting Zelda’s slow, hulking mass up onto a platform. Anytime you could waveland onto a platform while coming up through it (with a few exceptions) you can also uair ac ai and be grounded and actionable within a few frames. This really improves our platform game, for example taking platform then quickly dashing back can solidify your position and dodge a punish while possibly creating an opening of your own. This is a critical piece of platform movement that I’ve been employing to great effect. It can be used to quickly setup a dsmash or a techchase from a grab below a platform.