Monday, April 3, 2017

BOOK I - Farore's Wind - Sweetspotting



With those things said, a low recovery is always a less favorable situation than a high recovery. A Farore's angle under horizontal traveling towards the edge will interrupt its invuln invis teleport with a ledgegrab. This ends invuln gained from farore's and begins normal ledge invuln from which you have multiple stall options if needed.

Farore's can sweetspot when travelling downwards at any angle under horizontal towards ledge. Sweet spotting the teleport seems to require the stick to be in a neutral position when passing the ledge to sweetspot similar to sheik's tp sweetspot. Your directional input is read as soon as you become invis/invuln on frame 33 and as far as I can tell becomes locked afterwardns. Using the vanish as a visual cue to learn the aim / release timing most reliable way to sweetspot in my findings. You should be aiming to eventually execute this with raw timing alone; your opponent's action directly before TP should dictate the direction you will move in, and staring at yourself watching for when to release the stick will limit your options.

Sweet spotting is also possible straight down, vaguely reminiscent of bowser / yoshi bombs. You must already be facing edge to do so; you cannot up B turnaround straight down Farore's. The same rules apply, release the stick to netural to grab ledge on your way down. You'll develop a feel for your range when teleporting with practice. This is extremely useful near enough to edges that you can drift a teleport from above stage to above ledge and break combos / gain position, but that is all for another book.

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