Monday, July 11, 2039


BOOK I: Movement
Movement Speed Technical Data
Farore's Wind:
     Farore's Wind: Edge Cancels
     Farore's Wind: Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement
     Farore's Wind: Interactions and Bending the Rules
     Farore's Wind: Sweet Spotting
     Farore's Wind: Teleport Drift
     Farore's Wind: UpB Turnaround
     Farore's Wind: Multidirectionality, Angles, and Shortens
     Farore's Wind: Grounded Movement and Other Fringe Behavior - SOON
Platform Movement:
     Fair AC AI
     Uair AC AI
     Drop Dash
     Airdodge Interrupts and Angeldash
     Platform Crossing And Stage Traversal: Optimizations - SOON
     Platform Warp Doublejump AKA Jellyfishing - SOON
     Jellydash and Other Max Length Waveland Setups - SOON
Ledge Movement:
     Hax Dash, Ribbondash, and Other Ledge Options
     Farore's Wind: Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement
     Invuln Ledgehop Kicks
Ground Movement:
     Boost Wavedash / Wavesurfing

BOOK II: Offense / Defense
Nayru's Love:
     Nayru's Love: Basics
     Nayru's Love: Subwarp
Moonwalk As A Spacing Tool - SOON
Chaingrabs and Throw Followups - SOON
Out-Of-Shield Options and Shield Drops - SOON
Tech Chasing and Platform Tech Chasing - SOON

Ledgekick and Ribbonkick
Invuln Ledgehop Kicks
Using All Parts Of The Kick: Hitbox Breakdowns- SOON
Bair vs. Fair: Technical Breakdown
Platform Warp Kick - SOON
Edge Cancel Kicks - SOON
Waveland Kick and Triangle Kick - SOON
Animation Transition and Interceptive Punishing - SOON

I stand on the shoulders of giants. Props to all involved.