Sunday, January 26, 2020

BOOK III - Invuln Ledgehop Kicks

Zelda can control space near the ledge very well and has many options to hold ledge and deny opponents, and ledgehop kick is an extremely powerful component of the kit that allows her to do that. Releasing ledge and immediately doublejumping grants you a wide window for completely invulnerable kicks from ledge that rise up from the stage and are very easy to sweet spot with due to the approach angle. Thrown early enough the kick also autocancels and you will be actionable much more quickly out of landing. Fastfall frames can be added to this process to have the kick come from lower and shield poke enemies closer to the ledge.

Haxdash kick also nets you invulnerable kicks from ledge and kicks can be thrown onto stage to preserve ledge presence or away from stage to ledgeguard. Thrown quickly enough, you can dj farores snap to ledge without beginning the teleport as well.

BOOK III - Ledgekick and Ribbonkick

An extremely powerful way to control edge space is with a an edge cancelled kick on the ledge, hereafter referred to as a ledge kick. Placing a kick directly upon the ledge puts an extremely strong hitbox exactly where your opponent wants to be then immediately cancels and leaves you fully actionable.

It's extremely low commitment and often nets a full stock while leaving your options wide open in the event that your initial kick does not connect, and taking no action grabs ledge. Worst case you overshoot edge and miss; you're put into a recovery situation at the same time as your opponent and likely cannot punish you. You can also doublejump as an option out of ledgekick, and with good aerial drift, immediately throw another one.

You can also buffer an up input during the kick and sink farores to ledge, throwing the ribbon hitbox as well as the kick and completely stuffing the ledge full of unpleasantries for the opponent. I refer to this as a ribbonkick. If your opponent grabs ledge before your kick makes it to ledge, a farore's may leave you recovering into an unavailable ledge and kill you without a wallride angle.