Monday, April 3, 2017

BOOK I - Farore's Wind - Farore's Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement


Farore's Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement

Farore's stalling is something beyond useful that begins the march towards Zelda's insanely sticky ledge presence. If done perfectly you can be completely invuln on ledge indefinitely while throwing hitboxes.

Maintaining invulnerability is dependent on releasing ledge on the first possible frame, and not fastfalling more than a couple of frames. Releasing ledge late is what I find most often putting me into a vulnerable state during a stall, and is the only point this move requires frame-tight precision. This will be a difficult movement to master, experiment with different inputs and see what works for you. I strongly recommend using Uncle Punch's Training Pack to train your ledge release and invulnerability.

Another useful use of ledge position is ledgehop Farore's. This is valuable as you can adjust the starting height of Farore's stall without losing invuln, and ledgehop Farore's visually appears to be a stall until you crest ledge, land, and teleport across stage. It's a great way to regain stage control when being pressured on ledge from a medium distance.

Many of these options can be combined for maximum flashitude. For example, Battlefield has a ledgehop Farore's edge cancel on top platform. You can drift teleport away from ledge while stalling to throw a farther out hitbox and still magnet ledge. Be creative; the best way to use these techniques is all of the ways.

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