Monday, April 3, 2017

BOOK I - Farore's Wind - Interactions and Bending The Rules


Interactions and Bending The Rules

Farore's has a couple of interaction rules that are important to know and important to know how to bend. 

1. An aerial teleport passing downwards through a platform will always put Zelda into a grounded teleport on that platform and interrupt the teleport.

How to bend it: land your Farore's startup. Aerial teleports can be converted to grounded teleports if Zelda lands on a platform during the Farore's startup, this allows for teleport movement through the platform.


You can also ground a teleport by drifting Farore's upward through a platform. This can be useful to drift yourself into a cancel spot and give your opponent less time to read your options.

This is especially useful on Yoshi's as grounding a drift Farore's near the edge of side platform during startup and sweetspotting downwards to edge is extremely difficult to expect or even follow when expected.

2. Farore's from below the ledge does not sweet spot. If you complete your startup animation and are below the ledge, there is no way for you to not have vulnerable frames before grabbing ledge.

How to bend it: Farore's startup will always cancel and magnet grab ledge if it is moving downwards within range of and facing an available ledge. This is very useful to recover flat towards edge as you will magnet from a wide angle. This also makes Farore's grab ledge during IASA frames, out of tumbles, and from less intuitive angles. You can also use this to Farore's stall on ledge.

3. Horizontal Farore's into ledge also does not sweetspot. You will teleport stall on the stage until the point which you reappear, and you will be vulnerable for a couple frames until you begin falling downwards.

How to bend it: A teleport directly into stage at a particular height (right around where you would be hitting Zelda's knees into stage) will actually push you up onto stage thanks to weird ECB shape during the transition to special fall. This shaves some frames off of special fall and allows you to recover flat around a hogged edge from a longer distance.

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