Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BOOK I - Drop Dash


The dropdash is a device of my own creation; its purpose is a faster, wigglier wavedash on platform. Dropdashing is performed by dropping through platform, jumping the first frame actionable through platform, and wavelanding the frame after. This negates Zelda's monstrous jumpsquat time during wavedash startup and saves you one frame, bringing her WD on platform down to 6 frames. If performed optimally the dropdash is slightly longer than WD as you can gain slight horizontal distance and momentum by jumping forward/backward.

I find the easiest input for this to be down -> roll into WD angle, then input the equivalent of a jump cancel grab except using R instead of Z. The most important part of the dropdash input is the DJ to digital trigger press being within a one frame window. If you shield early with analog during the time it takes you to pass through platform, you will shield and not pass. To combat this and to give me more versatility in trigger inputs, I remove the spring from my right trigger and take it off of the analog rail. This allows for a pure digital-only trigger button for more precise cases of trigger input. Dropdashing has a one frame tolerance; you can perform a dropdash on frame 1 or 2 after passing through platform.
This technique really shines out of shield drop. Giving you the equivalent of a frame 4 wavedash on platform, this is extremely difficult to execute but very possible to master with enough practice. Practice shield drop doublejump and wait for your opportunity to waveland, then over time slowly tighten the window between your shield drop and doublejump to get up to speed and have a muscle feel for the stick movement needed to go from shield drop position to wavedash angle quickly. This technique really enables some insane speed and is becoming a major movement option for me. This cannot be understated in its importance to Zelda's ability to move and control area.

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