Monday, April 3, 2017

BOOK I - Farore's Wind - Multi-directionality, Angles, and Shortens


Multi-directionality, Angles, and Shortens

It doesn't really seem it, but Farore's is actually a full-angle directional teleport. This allows for fringe cases of teleport that the majority of players won't expect.
Recovering from under ledge closer to stage for novice Zeldas is usually a raw death trap, either teleport straight up and die due to the total lack of control over SpecialFall after teleport, or they teleport up and in and get an extra helping of stage to the face. Farore's angles can save lives. All in-game angles are available as directions for Farore's teleports and teleport shortens. North, South, East, West, and then intermediate angles that are not within 17.1° on the 360° stick of NSEW. I will refer to compass directions instead of angle directions for simplicity's sake. When you're low and near on the left side of the stage in a spot where compass directions N and NE would lead to death, NNE is usually available and is surprisingly forgiving compared to its nearby brothers. It moves Zelda almost parallel to the bottom of her ECB and has the tendency to allow for more movement around edges / walls due to more reliably retained vertical momentum and Zelda's ECB shape.
NNE is also useful where you are being ledgehogged out of your NE ledge grab but prefer not to serve them your N teleport with hot fudge and a cherry on top. This lets you take some stage space and gives you landing/passing options if platforms are available. Watching and anticipating enemy action on the end of your teleport is crucial for a successful low recovery. V cancelling during special fall out of teleport can maintain higher % damage levels and drift teleporting after being hit can nab you ledge quickly without you opponent having recourse, but I will be covering these more in depth as part of Farore's Book II entry.

Another case of multi-directionality in Farore’s is her grounded teleport shorten. When playing everyone’s favorite “where the fuck will Zelda teleport” game, it behooves you to have an additional option apart from across the universe or exactly where you are already. Aiming S will face Zelda to the right without moving her any other way, regardless of the direction she started facing. Aiming SSE and SSW during grounded teleport shortens the teleport to around 1/3 of the distance of a regular grounded teleport and can be used in cases where a full lateral teleport isn’t possible or as a mixup to the teleport shuffle you’re already running them around the stage with. Aiming SE takes you about 2/3 of the way there, and aiming ESE/E takes you the maximum distance. Intermediate angles shorten intermediately as expected.

Aerial Farore's can be shortened as well. A tilt input in an aerial direction will shorten farore's TP distance by about 1/3 and it seems that you can hit a wide variance of shorten lengths between 2/3 and full length. It seems these shortens also have all angles available, making farore's the most precise recovery in the game. This can be used in combination with future techs described to increase your movement options.

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