Saturday, July 20, 2019

BOOK I - Airdodge Interrupts and Angeldash (Lustdash/Lemondrop)

Zelda's airdodge has a very fast starting speed, but diminishes quickly and leaves zelda hanging in the air inactionable and vulnerable. However, shortly after her movement begins its rapid decline, her ECB lifts and drops dramatically, making the move interruptable and saving Zelda from a long, inactionable aerial stall. Airdodging horizontally with a platform slightly below the knee will allow you to travel laterally along that platform, land out of the airdodge, and be actionable quickly after having traveled a considerable distance from the early, high-speed frames of airdodge. Falling through platform and doing this as soon as possible nets more invulnerable frames and leaves you actionable sooner than a roll, and I have been referring to it as an angeldash, referring to the move's invulnerability. It is a very fast way to travel distance along a platform, especially after doublejump when your only other movement option would be taking a route to the ground and resuming movement.

EDIT: I have recently learned this tech was discovered about four years before I did by player LemonLust, who found it in the context of Peach play. The community could not decide whether to name it lemondrop or lustdash.

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