Monday, July 11, 2039


BOOK I: Movement
Movement Speed Technical Data
Farore's Wind:
     Farore's Wind: Edge Cancels
     Farore's Wind: Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement
     Farore's Wind: Interactions and Bending the Rules
     Farore's Wind: Sweet Spotting
     Farore's Wind: Teleport Drift
     Farore's Wind: UpB Turnaround
     Farore's Wind: Multidirectionality, Angles, and Shortens
     Farore's Wind: Grounded Movement and Other Fringe Behavior - SOON
Platform Movement:
     Fair AC AI
     Uair AC AI
     Drop Dash
     Airdodge Interrupts and Angeldash
     Platform Crossing And Stage Traversal: Optimizations - SOON
     Platform Warp Doublejump AKA Jellyfishing - SOON
     Jellydash and Other Max Length Waveland Setups - SOON
Ledge Movement:
     Hax Dash, Ribbondash, and Other Ledge Options
     Farore's Wind: Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement
     Invuln Ledgehop Kicks
Ground Movement:
     Boost Wavedash / Wavesurfing

BOOK II: Offense / Defense
Nayru's Love:
     Nayru's Love: Basics
     Nayru's Love: Subwarp
Moonwalk As A Spacing Tool - SOON
Chaingrabs and Throw Followups - SOON
Out-Of-Shield Options and Shield Drops - SOON
Tech Chasing and Platform Tech Chasing - SOON

Ledgekick and Ribbonkick
Invuln Ledgehop Kicks
Using All Parts Of The Kick: Hitbox Breakdowns- SOON
Bair vs. Fair: Technical Breakdown
Platform Warp Kick - SOON
Edge Cancel Kicks - SOON
Waveland Kick and Triangle Kick - SOON
Animation Transition and Interceptive Punishing - SOON

I stand on the shoulders of giants. Props to all involved.


  1. Absolutely love what you are doing here. Zelda has been underrated so much lately (seen very top level players putting her as low as 2nd worst?), I personally see her closer to DK/Mewtwo/Link/YL in lower-mid.

    I've been playing for a long time, first time I took Zelda somewhat seriously was after seeing Cosmo (...narcissa >.>) time people out at SMYM12 back in 2011. It wasn't until I saw Magus' aggressive tech-chasing with dash attack and forward smash ( that I started to see a full playstyle for her.

    I sorta feel like my time with Melee is past (I was power-ranked from like 2010 to 2017ish in my region), but Slippi's brought me back a bit and I've been focusing a lot on Zelda when I do play.

    Hit me up if you ever want to discuss strategies or share clips!

  2. Hello Profane,

    I'm an amateur smasher that plays Zelda (never done tournaments, just enjoy data). I've noticed something odd regarding Din's Fire that I was wondering if you could help resolve. Is it possible that I could get your email? I doubt this phenomenon has any tournament merit, but it's interesting nonetheless.

  3. Hey man, I'd love to see the "coming soon" sections of this get filled out, trying to up my Zelda game.