Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Nayru's love is usually not a good option against a shielding opponent, but an interesting property of her environmental collision box allows it to gain some function where it would usually only lead to a neutral loss. When you nayru's very close to the ground, the bottom of your ECB rises and you begin sinking into the ground without being in a landed state. This actually drops the hitboxes down with your movement lower than they would be if you landed and hit a standing nayru's. I've been referring to this as a subwarp, in that it is a strange type of platform warp that can happen on any flat plane and lowers your model below the floor of what you're landing on.

This is surprisingly effective at shield poking your opponents and can convert a poor aerial approach vs a shield away from being grossly net negative and possibly squeak out a neutral win into a punish, and works very well when you've conditioned your oppponent to shield your nayru's and wait for punish.

This also can be seen during an out-of-shield nayru's performed one frame late, and indeed if you can spare the 60th of a second in an out-of-shield situation your nayru's hitboxes drop considerably and gain some considerable shield poking power.

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