Monday, July 11, 2039


BOOK I: Movement
Movement Speed Technical Data
Farore's Wind:
    Farore's Wind: Edge Cancels
    Farore's Wind: Stall and Other Farore's Ledge Movement
    Farore's Wind: Interactions and Bending the Rules
    Farore's Wind: Sweet Spotting
    Farore's Wind: Teleport Drift
    Farore's Wind: UpB Turnaround
    Farore's Wind: Multidirectionality, Angles, and Shortens
Fair AC AI: Basics
Uair AC AI
Drop Dash
Invuln Hax Dash
Boost Wavedash / Wavesurfing
BOOK II: Offense / Defense
Nayru's Love:
    Nayru's Love: Basics
    Nayru's Love: Subwarp
BOOK III: Your Opponent

Special thanks to all those crazy bastards on the Zelda Discord and devotees in the chapel who helped with all these magical shenanigans.

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